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A Foundation
for Success

Whether building a business, starting a family or managing a corporation, we can help design a plan and process to turn your vision into a reality.

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“Employer of
the Year”...

You are the company that people want to work for because you understand the connection between profits and happy employees.

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of Mind...

Life is unpredictable, but we don't want you to be pre-occupied with the downside. You want the confidence to move forward knowing that your house is in order.

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Jump up
and down...

Investment success does not have to be a gamble. Our allocation process helps you make responsible decisions that will give you the best shot at getting what you want out of your portfolio.

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US Debt Crisis Explained

...on the Friday of March Break for most of us, we couldn't resist this video for a morning smile...

Leader of Last Resort

...the US has sustained its role as the best of a bad lot...that approach to investing is not the ideal...

2013: Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

...expect the central banks to continue to stimulate the economy in any way they can. The fear of deflation remains foremost in central bankers' minds...

Unique innovative financial solutions for businesses, executives, professionals and families

At Bearing Capital, our customers have grown to count on us as a group of seasoned professionals from four distinct disciplines that come together to serve you as a unified and cohesive group.

With a full range of professional advisory services, our core areas of expertise include strategic planning for corporations and individuals, wealth accumulation and management, and group or individual insurance. Our customers like us because, under one roof, we render very complex problems into terms that people can understand. We develop customized solutions with a view to getting the most from your assets and enhancing your life over the long term.

local offices
Investment strategies
designed to accumulate
and manage wealth.
Senior Executives:
Manage Compensation,
Manage Tax and grow your
wealth for the future

You deserve the comfort of knowing that you have an investment program that is tailored to match your risk profile and designed to meet your needs. Forward thinking investment planning can deliver confidence as you approach the markets.



You stake your reputation on your leadership, and expect results. Your career has been a combination of stewardship and creativity, and you have built and managed successful enterprises that reflect your commitment. Now take the time to turn that commitment into a legacy, and build your wealth, now and for the future.

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